To me, art is never perfect and that’s my favorite part.

There’s always something to new to discover, create, and enjoy.

No matter the collection or illustration, I dive in head first and love every moment of designing.

I'm proudly self-taught (and teach others!) with schooling in photography and 10 years in professional textile design (including almost 7 years at Robert Kaufman Fabrics). I enjoy the technical side of creating and love the process of my art: Painting with traditional or digital media, then finessing using the computer.

I was born and raised in Southern California, but am currently on the Space Coast in Florida. I make a home with my Engineer and our cat whom we call Kitty. I enjoy enchiladas, practicing yoga, watching all the historical dramas, knitting, traveling (not tourist-ing), audio books, basil pesto, the sound a fog horn makes,  & speadsheets.

Clients Include

TJX, Mpix, Design House Greetings, Carson, and more.

Press Mentions

Included in Make it in Design. March 2015.
Featured in Tigerprint. April 2015.
Included in Make Art that Sells. October 2015.
Featured in Pattern Observer. August 2015.
Homepage feature on They Draw and Cook. October 2016.
Featured on Rise Design & Shine. May 2018.

Social Media

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