Hi, I'm Megan!

To me, art is never perfect and that’s my favorite part; there’s always something to new to discover, dive into, and laugh about.  No matter the collection or illustration, I'll learn about the topic, then sketch a ton of ideas and see which one I love best (or make me laugh hardest!) and run with it.  With a background in photography and 10 years in textile design, I’m a bit technical and love the process.  And that’s what I’m good at.  The technical process of being creative while expressing myself in interesting and feminine ways.

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The Fun Stuff:

Orange, California is where I make my home (named for the orange groves that grew here - they were so clever!).  I live with my Engineer and our cat named Ripley who dreams of fighting aliens.

I enjoy making (mostly) vegetable-based meals, knitting, practicing yoga, and have discovered I have a bit of green thumb.  Travel is amazing when the wallet permits.  Reading is great too, but I haven't read in many moons, unless you count audiobooks!

•I crave sweater-weather, though the sunshine is quite nice too.
•Enchiladas are my favorite food, second to anything Italian.
•I love history and devour any kind of media involving it.  I'm a sucker for historical romance.
•I release my "brightness" when I create art - you'll normally find me wearing neutral colors and comfy jeans.

megan dunagan studio.jpg

Art Collective

I'm a proud member of Pencil Parade art collective!  We are four ladies who met in online courses in 2015 and we now consider ourselves friends & confidants in our businesses.  We exhibited for the first time at Blue Print in 2017 - expect to see us next year, too!



VinoNostra Wine Bar - Feb 2017


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