Spoonflower Contest: Nutcracker

Wow, this has been a busy two weeks. Since school ended two weeks ago, I've been catching up with much needed "spring" cleaning around the house and getting back into the groove of actually using our oven. Brian and I made amazing meals several days in a row (including amazing steak with garlic-truffle mashed potatoes and some beef stew!!) and had enough for leftovers. ...I feel like I haven't eaten anything except Taco Bell and Jersey Mike's for weeks, so the cooking's been a treat!

Finally able to work on some art, I entered into the Spoonflower contest themed: Nutcracker. I wanted to try out some calligraphic art brushes in Illustrator and this was the result. I'm pretty happy with it; the colors are based from popular colors in the late 1800's when the play was first opened in Russia. Also, it happens to include this year's Pantone color of the year, Marsala...which I thought was a nice addition.

I may develop it a bit more and add some coordinates and perhaps another color-story that is more modernized.


The process of defining my personal art style is still in development, so that's also why I'm wanting to adjust this design. Unfinished lines and filled color accompanying some fun patterned areas within motifs are really fun (this doesn't have the latter)...but I also like the watercolor-look, though, so not sure where I want to go, artistically.

Speaking of which, I will also participate in the online class (it's free!) also from Make it in Design, called Developing your Signature Style. I'm hoping this will assist me, however I know the most basic fundamental to finding a style is to just keep making things...and that's the goal!