Bootcamp and ABSPD is starting!

I am SO excited to start the Bootcamp class from Lilla Roger's Studio and Make it in Design Module 2! The bootcamp starts this coming Monday, the 6th, and MiiD starts the following week.

Art and Business of Surface Pattern DesignLilla Rogers Make Art that Sells Bootcamp

I'm taking these to get me the kick in the butt I need to start designing on my own. I have such a hard time with the commute to work to make things, but having a structured class will be what gets me in gear.

I can't share anything specific about the classes, but I'll be posting my progress and showcasing my artwork here every few weeks once we're done with an assignment.

This past week, I've also been taking the online class from Bonnie Christine at Going Home to Roost's class, "Design Surface Patterns from Scratch" over on CreativeLive. Coming up with some cool sketches and things. Although I'm not new to Illustrator, nor making repeats, her industry tips and advice are the most helpful to me, personally. Here's some sketches rough sketches I've done in response to her "homework challenge".

More fun things to follow, too, like freebies (such as Illustrator brushes and free simple patterns), how-tos (if you have any suggestions, let me know!), and I'll be posting lots of lists and maybe some reviews of products I like.

How are you participating in any creative classes? Do you have any recommendations or a link to your review of one?