Pattern Observer Contest Entry

Nervously submitted my new ūber-small collection off to the Pattern Observer contest for P&B textiles. Marsh and Mire Collection


We'll see how it goes. If I even get to the next round, we need to create another collection for the grand prize. If I don't win, I get to expand this into a larger amount of patterns and colorways.

Marsh and Mire 2015 fashion trends

Initially, I made a few possible colorways, but I went with this teal/green/mint/blue palette to go along with some S/S 2015 trends for florals on which involved a lot of more muted and tonal looks for tropical floras.  This design isn't really tropical (hence the name and flowers are inspired from marshes and bogs) but I thought the colors evoked the sense of the collection name nicely.

Pattern Observer Contest UPDATE:

I didn't end up being a semi-finalist after all; oh well. Most of the entries were very traditional I should have stuck with my original plan.  BUT, I will expand this collection into more patterns and perhaps go a different direction with the colors.  Have it be more springy with a light background or something.  I still really like this collection so I'm hoping something will come of it.