Barre to Yoga and my Creative Brain

It's been 9 weeks since I injured my knee in Barre classes.  It was just a simple tweak of the knee, and bam...I was down for the count.  I've been dying to go back, but my knee still aches so I was nervous of going back to it. I LOVE barre.  It was so fun and I enjoyed the community of it.  ...And community to me, as an introvert, is mostly just smiling and the occasional, "so what do you do?" conversation...but still!  Community!  See?!

But after the knee injury, I had my doubts about all the twisty knee stuff that is required to perform the ballet legwork in barre.  However, I was antsy...I had to get out and meet with other women to work out and not talk.  I'm a weirdo, I know.

Also, in the creative community, there's a heavy push for having self-care.  This is a new buzz word, however it's very true that we need to feel good physically and take care of our bodies so we can continue doing what we love.

Yoga was something that hadn't popped into my head until just 3 weeks ago.  All I knew about it was some woo-woo stuff and that it was mostly stretching.

I signed up for a $20 unlimited month as a first-timer and had my first class the beginning of June.

It was amazing.

I had never felt so relaxed after a work out.  I never knew I even LIKED being relaxed after one. Most of the time after barre I'm tired or wired. But not with yoga.  Not only did a feel calmer, I felt stronger;  I was surprised at how my body ached afterward...thinking, "ahh...this is only stretching, psh."

Yoga Prasarita Pose - via Lululemon

Yep.  Could barely walk the next few days because of the good muscle soreness.

I was also glad that the instructors are so calm and soothing.  I realize now that barre just wasn't my scene with the loud, pumped-up music and the instructors all gung-ho for you to do great.  I'm a fan of silence, breathing,  and, "Yessss, now slowly move to Downward your own pace."

Since then, I've really come to enjoy the classes even more.  This is also probably due to the fact I'm not entirely coordinated, physically, and I appreciate slow moves and explanation so that I am able to wobble into the correct form.  The breathing is also a thing I'm beginning to love about yoga.  One instructor there specializes in it and I feel the best after those classes.

OH! And I can almost touch my toes now! Flexibility win.

Do any of you take part in some kind of exercise that makes you feel amazing?  Let me know what it is in the comments!