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Surface Patterns: Forest Faire

Forest Faire Collection by Megan Nicole
Forest Faire Collection by Megan Nicole

I'm so excited about this collection, I don't know where to here it is!

Sometimes I feel like I was born in the wrong century.  The clothes and romanticized notions we've come to know about the Renaissance is just SO beautiful...and the state of mind around then seemed simple and centered around close groups of people.

In reality, I know that it would have been extremely difficult to live back then knowing what we know now.  ...But I just had to capture a little light-hearted bit of that time.  I called this collection Forest Faire, using ye olde spelling of fair since that suited my theme of an entertaining gathering in the woods.  And what better motifs to use than woodland creatures?!  I thought so!

My favorite is the fortune-teller -- she was my initial idea for this collection and I just love how she turned out! 

The patterns I'm showing you here are just a sampling of the colorways and sparse hints of the entire patterns that I've developed for this, so if you're interested, please contact me and we can talk!