Art collective: Pencil Parade!

Since May 2015, I've been meeting with a crazy-awesome group of artsy ladies all based in the U.S.  It's not be exactly a secret, and there have been many collectives pop up since then...but when we started our group, there were only a small handful of older groups and we wanted to start a fire with our artwork.

We sharpened our pencils and dipped our brushes to make this collective. 

Without them I don't think I could have made it as far as I have in just short of a year...and I'm excited to announce our collaboration!

The BEST part about it is that I get 3 new friends who all want the same thing:

To license our artwork and have fun while doing it.

You guys need to check the three other's webpages and artwork, too:
Betsy Siber
Katherine Lenius
Brooke Glaser

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