Make Art that Sells: Global Talent Search

Entering a competition (the Global Talent Search for Make Art that Sells) — especially one where the winner gets amazing prizes and recognition — is SUPER exciting, but uber stressful at the same time.

Everyone wants to put their best foot forward and be seen.

This is the 3rd year running for this competition and the brief for this one ended up being crazy-fun.  The dubiosity-factor was high at first, though.  Design a pattern to go on a shoe? How will my art be seen on it?  Especially when I have to submit in low-resolution?  Puh.

In the end, I turned off Facebook, logged out of Instagram, and designed without outside influence.

I took some time and sketched a bit.  There were elements in the brief that referred to her eclectic nature and woo-woo interests, as well as floral inspiration.

This project was challenging for me in a “this is for real” way.

There was pressure to put out amazing work that would appeal to the audience in the brief, but also to still be true to my own style.

I used my fun Winsor & Newton watercolors and my new Micron pens (which replaced my old set of Faber Castell’s that wore out way too fast!) to create the initial bits to this design

Then, I brought it into Illustrator, and, through linked object and live-trace magic, my submission was born:

It was initially disappointed since I didn’t make it to the semi-finals however, it could have been because they were looking for a certain look that I didn’t provide.

The good news is, I’m totally available to be licensed by one of you incredible licensing agents that need my look in your artist collection *wink wink*.