New Classes being released starting January 2017

Excited to announce I'm stepping my tutorials up a notch (okay...many notches)!


Starting beginning of January, I'm going to be releasing (fingers crossed) one NEW class a month  around the topic of surface pattern design and illustration and how knowing your computer and programs is how you accelerate your business' efficiency.

I'll be talking about some of the things my tutorials teach you, but I'll be going into way more depth and covering all the bases of that topic, rather than a quick(ish) video. I've been messing around on iMovie & Premiere Pro (okay, let's be honest, mostly iMovie, 'cause I can't even with that other one), and I'm hoping to give you guys well cut and edited video with a bit of fun music, too.

What you'll be getting:

• 20-25 minute video on a specific topic.
• PDF worksheet with areas to fill in your own notes.
• If applicable, one real-live sample of the thing I'm helping you do.  For example: Custom-made Action, Brushes, or Templates.

The first class in January is going to be a reboot and complete redo about learning to automate your workflow using Actions and Droplets in Photoshop.  Very few people seem to take advantage of both of these things and it's my mission for everyone to be automating every fibbity flam thing they can. It's one of those things that makes you realize how incredibly sluggish everything moved before you discovered them.  You'll love this one.

Above all, I want the mini classes to be fun and engaging while being affordable.  I'm kind of tired of dry and informational stuff.  Yes, sometimes, you just want to see how to do something, but other times, you need to understand it.  Understanding is where I come in.  And I'm all about allegories, you guys.  And you're gonna get em.

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