New Lookbook!

If there's one thing I learned from creating a lookbook...

Lookbooks are a beast!

I've been slowly working on mine since August of 2015, and have FINALLY finished it.  Phew.  Overall, it was better that way since I've added quite a bit to my portfolio.  You can scroll to the end of this post to see the lookbook.

What's a lookbook?

It's a book can can be both digital and/or printed in which it showcases your designs on products.  It can have different definitions in various industries, but for the design world, it's basically when an artist places their design onto pretend products. This is so it's easier for art directors to "see" your design on their thing.  

But in other news, InDesign and I just became best friends

All designs are up for licensing (be zee way! wink wink).  If you're interested in going forward with any of these designs, or anything else in my portfolio, contact me!