New Prints in the Shop

Got up early this morning and photographed some new products!  In honor of (or abhorrence to, I can't decide) Daylight Saving Time, my art collective, Pencil Parade, and I all did some kind of design involving clocks.  I know right?! 

Haven't you always wanted to commemorate your week or more of losing out on that extra hour of sleep? Me too, man.

These printed out even better than expected (even though I accidentally printed it, at first, with all my prepress guides, oops!) and I'm actually going to stick this up on my future collage-wall surrounding the future-on-the-wall-TV.

And that Himalayan Sea-Salt candle, am I right?

Above is just one of the prints (there's three!), so make sure to head over to the store to check them out. Like, in your cart.