Orange Coast Magazine Editorial Illustrations

My illustrations are in a magazine you guys!

Spent a week in September working on these editorial illustrations with Orange Coast Magazine's Creative Director.  I had originally emailed the magazine about a month earlier and almost forgot about it, when I got a reply out of the blue.

Orange Coast is a well-known magazine, locally, with a considerable amount of subscribers and it was a pleasure to work with such a great publication 💕

The article I contributed to actually appeared on the cover (sans illustrations), so that's kind of awesome!

The Creative Director had specific needs, but asked me to be creative when illustrating, giving me some freedom, but with a direction. 

My Process

Initial sketches that I "inked" over later in Illustrator (except the article opener page which I inked with my Micron pens).

After that, I used my lightbox table to watercolor over my sketches.

megan dunagan editorial illustrator orange coast magazine illustration

It was really fun to see the Creative Director place my illustrations into a mocked up magazine while I worked.  It went through a few revisions and the outcome was fantastic!


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Note: All photographs & videos were taken by me with my Canon 20D and 50mm lens or iPhone.  Orange Coast Magazine is not affiliated with this blog post; all thoughts are my own.