Yarn Wall Hangings + Florals (New Artwork)

I've been participating in the Spoonflower challenges of late - not to win (though that'd be great!), but for topical inspiration.  I pick and choose, of course, based on what I'll think will work in a few markets, then create!

This past week was the theme Yarn.  I chose to do a fun twist and make some wall-hangings...you know, those super cool DIY ones you see all over Pinterest (or..maybe I'M only seeing them...Drat!). 

Woven Wall Hangings

You can vote for the main wall hanging pattern, too, on Spoonflower (until Jan 11).

The color palette was new for me and I really enjoyed it!  I tend to go for saturated colors, but toning it down a bit and working with a dark background, too, was a great new direction.  A little side note: I shortened the Tolkien quote because I didn't want it to look lopsided, but it still retains its meaning and feeling.

PLUS, I had mentioned this on Instagram, but I've been working with digital painting over the past month or so.  I had done it before, but without real seriousness, but I'm kind of loving it now.  I don't use an iPad or a fancy Cintiq (but I'd love one, thanks!)...just my trusty Wacom Intuos tablet.  While I can see the benefit of the other hardware, I'm really used to my little desk tablet, and am glad I started using one forever ago.  I'm always for starting the hard way, THEN learning an easier way later. 

Just like walking to school, up hill, both ways.

Don't worry, my paints won't dry out...I'm just experimenting with other ways of creating.  We are likely moving across the country (literally coast to coast) within the next 3 months and I wanted to try out other methods in case I can't bust out my paint sets (plus the water, paper towels, etc) while on the road. Besides, my cat can get into less trouble with the computer than she can with a paint set ;).

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