I'm exhibiting at Blue Print 2017!

It's so weird to think that, 9 months ago, we purchased our exhibitors booth at Blue Print show #2. It seems so far away and yet in that time it felt like time went by so quickly to get to the present. All the preparations like booth decor, marketing materials, and getting all.that.artwork.finished, whew!  It's exhausting yet super exhilarating to think it's finally here!

Megan Dunagan at Blue Print 2017
Hydrangeas Megan Dunagan Blue Print 2017
Turtles Blue Print 2017 Megan Dunagan

I'm looking forward to meeting some artists I've befriended on Facebook and Instagram and my introverted-self is trying to have a brave face for meeting new ones.  After the show, I hope to make a blog post on all the details people would like to know - I know I had a difficult time finding information for random things, so I want to make sure to pass all my newly gleaned knowledge on to you!

Come by my art collective's booth (#8), Pencil Parade!  We'd all love to meet you!  If you're an art director or buyer you can make an appointment or just contact me personally.

Blue Print

May 21-23, 2017 (show 2)
404 10th Ave, New York, NY 10001
Sun & Mon: 9am-6am • Tues: 9am-4pm

New Illustrations and Patterns: Hydrangea Heart

Added a new floral collection to my portfolio:

Hydrangea Heart

Digitally painted with professional watercolor brushes and I just love it!  I feel super happy about how this mini-collection turned out and even added some fun illustrations as well!  See all below.

Contact me if interested in licensing or purchasing the mini collection or an illustration (or 3!)

Hydrangea Heart | Thank you Illustration
Hydrangea Heart | A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you quote
Hydrangea Heart | Fabric Collection | Bolt Fabic
Graduation Sayings | Graduation Quotes | And so the Adventure Begins | Graduation Card

Art Exhibition: VinoNostra in Fullerton

Visit VinoNostra Wine Bar this month to see my artwork!

In downtown Fullerton, Calif., we celebrate First Fridays with an Artwalk.  Many of the restaurants, bars, and art galleries promote artists who are hobbyists and full-time artists. 

Dena of VinoNostra Wine Bar (website | yelp) was kind enough to host my gallery of original images and art prints for the month of February.

We had a great opening night last Friday (the 3rd) and I hope you'll be able to make it during the rest of the month.

I want to also thank all of you that came!  Besides family and close friends that supported me, I was really happy to see others that I hadn't seen in a long time!  Also, to those who were brand-new, kind faces that purchased or talked to me about my artwork, I wanted to send a special thank you to you guys as well. You really made my night and it made me really glad to see my artwork being appreciated by people outside of my regular social circle.

If you come later in the month, have a beer or glass of their wine! She has an amazing collection.  The atmosphere is great for post-college-aged people looking for a relaxed place to chat and have a good time.

Take a look at some of the art I'm displaying:

Info about VinoNostra Wine Bar:

See my artwork ALL of FEBRUARY


123 E Commonwealth Ave
Fullerton, CA 92832

(714) 278-1023




Yarn Wall Hangings + Florals (New Artwork)

I've been participating in the Spoonflower challenges of late - not to win (though that'd be great!), but for topical inspiration.  I pick and choose, of course, based on what I'll think will work in a few markets, then create!

This past week was the theme Yarn.  I chose to do a fun twist and make some wall-hangings...you know, those super cool DIY ones you see all over Pinterest (or..maybe I'M only seeing them...Drat!). 

Woven Wall Hangings

You can vote for the main wall hanging pattern, too, on Spoonflower (until Jan 11).

The color palette was new for me and I really enjoyed it!  I tend to go for saturated colors, but toning it down a bit and working with a dark background, too, was a great new direction.  A little side note: I shortened the Tolkien quote because I didn't want it to look lopsided, but it still retains its meaning and feeling.

PLUS, I had mentioned this on Instagram, but I've been working with digital painting over the past month or so.  I had done it before, but without real seriousness, but I'm kind of loving it now.  I don't use an iPad or a fancy Cintiq (but I'd love one, thanks!)...just my trusty Wacom Intuos tablet.  While I can see the benefit of the other hardware, I'm really used to my little desk tablet, and am glad I started using one forever ago.  I'm always for starting the hard way, THEN learning an easier way later. 

Just like walking to school, up hill, both ways.

Don't worry, my paints won't dry out...I'm just experimenting with other ways of creating.  We are likely moving across the country (literally coast to coast) within the next 3 months and I wanted to try out other methods in case I can't bust out my paint sets (plus the water, paper towels, etc) while on the road. Besides, my cat can get into less trouble with the computer than she can with a paint set ;).

If you're interested in licensing any of these designs, shoot me an email

I'm exhibiting at BLUEPRINT, make an appointment and say hi!

Orange Coast Magazine Editorial Illustrations

My illustrations are in a magazine you guys!


Spent a week in September working on these editorial illustrations with Orange Coast Magazine's Creative Director.  I had originally emailed the magazine about a month earlier and almost forgot about it, when I got a reply out of the blue.

Orange Coast is a well-known magazine, locally, with a considerable amount of subscribers and it was a pleasure to work with such a great publication 💕

The article I contributed to actually appeared on the cover (sans illustrations), so that's kind of awesome!

The Creative Director had specific needs, but asked me to be creative when illustrating, giving me some freedom, but with a direction. 

My Process

Initial sketches that I "inked" over later in Illustrator (except the article opener page which I inked with my Micron pens).

After that, I used my lightbox table to watercolor over my sketches.

megan dunagan editorial illustrator orange coast magazine illustration

It was really fun to see the Creative Director place my illustrations into a mocked up magazine while I worked.  It went through a few revisions and the outcome was fantastic!


Video + Subscribe

You can subscribe to Orange Coast magazine here.

Note: All photographs & videos were taken by me with my Canon 20D and 50mm lens or iPhone.  Orange Coast Magazine is not affiliated with this blog post; all thoughts are my own.


New Elephant Garden Collection

Been working on this collection for almost a month -- it's a personal one that got interrupted for a few weeks while I did client projects.

While real-life baby elephants may have googly eyes and are quite furry, it's still fun to play up their cute-ness!

If you're interested in Elephant Garden, email me:
and we can talk about licensing or buying.

There's a ton of color options in this collection no shown on the collection page.  Below are just a few more.  There are about 3-4 colorways for each pattern when you see the whole grouping.


New Prints in the Shop

Got up early this morning and photographed some new products!  In honor of (or abhorrence to, I can't decide) Daylight Saving Time, my art collective, Pencil Parade, and I all did some kind of design involving clocks.  I know right?! 

Haven't you always wanted to commemorate your week or more of losing out on that extra hour of sleep? Me too, man.

These printed out even better than expected (even though I accidentally printed it, at first, with all my prepress guides, oops!) and I'm actually going to stick this up on my future collage-wall surrounding the future-on-the-wall-TV.

And that Himalayan Sea-Salt candle, am I right?

Above is just one of the prints (there's three!), so make sure to head over to the store to check them out. Like, in your cart.