The Ripped Bodice: The New Romance-Only Bookstore

First of all, The Ripped Bodice is probably the best name for a romance book store out there.  It's so full of amazingness, how can you *not* go? They'll be opening their online store on March 6th, too, so the rest of the country can support this small business.

Bea & Leah Koch, owners of The Ripped Bodice  (Photo: Charlie Polinger)

Bea & Leah Koch, owners of The Ripped Bodice (Photo: Charlie Polinger)

These two ladies had their Kickstarter fully funded (and then some!) to create the first U.S. romance-only bookstore in Los Angeles, CA.  And look how cute their store is! (Four photos below by Leah Koch). 

In addition to that, I'm thrilled to announce that some of my Los Angeles Maps will be stocked in their store! If you want to purchase locally, their grand opening is this Sunday! Their store is looking so dang cute from the photos on Instagram; it's totally trip-worthy. 

Visit their store starting March 6th to fall in love with a new fictional character and see my map in person!

Here's my LA map displayed in-store!  (photo by Leah Koch)

Here's my LA map displayed in-store! (photo by Leah Koch)

Can also be found in  my shop !  (photo by Megan Dunagan)

Can also be found in my shop! (photo by Megan Dunagan)

Podcasts for Boss Lady (Women) Entrepreneurs

Podcasts for Women Entrepreneurs
Podcasts for Women Entrepreneurs

Feeling alone sucks when you’re trying to build a fledgling business as woman entrepreneur. Especially when there’s not many to talk to besides your captive audiences like husband, boyfriend, or Scruffy the dog.

To do this, I’ve turned to podcasts that help me be a better entrepreneur, boss lady, and lady who gets it done. All the podcasts below are hosted by women and I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned from these super-boss-ladies who made it happen. They all have a similar message:

Do the work. Stop researching, stop thinking, stop making resolutions and just DO IT.


Explore your enthusiasm

She writes her episodes beforehand which makes them short and sweet with TONS of amazing information and tips. I love how each one has a purpose without getting too much off-track.  Plus sometimes her dogs make an appearance =)

with Tara Swiger
Podcast + Website


Elise Gets Crafty

Elise is just great.  I related to her the most out of most of the people -- she's made herself business savvy just by having a successful crafty business. I love that she shares her "secrets" in an approachable way.  And her newest launch of GET TO WORK BOOK is my most favorite planner (not affiliated, I just love it so much!)

with Elise Joy Cripe
Podcast + Website

legal road map podcast autumn witt boyd

Legal Road Map Podcast

Legal advice for creative entrepreneurs.  Autumn is a lawyer specifically helping creatives to protect themselves and their businesses. She is super knowledgeable, friendly and down-to-earth! 

with Autumn Witt Boyd
Podcast + Website

being boss podcast a podcast for creative entrepreneurs

being boss

I'd recommend starting at the beginning of the podcast because they give A LOT of great information for when you're just starting out.  Their later episodes are great for once you're *in* your business.

with Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon
Podcast + Emily’s Website + Kathleen’s Website


Raise Your Hand. Say Yes.

Oh man, Tiffany's podcast is two parts hilarious and two parts inspiring.  Not only do you get biz advice, she interviews real-life people with different backgrounds that can indirectly help your business flourish if you use some of their methods.

with Tiffany Han
Podcast + Website


The Lively Show

A little bit different on the business spectrum, she's more of an inspirational speaker for women who have businesses.  She's very open and forthcoming about her own life, too (especially now that she's traveling alone through Europe!)

with Jess Lively
Podcast + Website

See more podcasts I listen to while I do creative work!

These are more "fun" and story-centric.  They are for entertainment and laughter!

I'm an illustrator and pattern designer.  I specialize in using watercolor and digital design for creating floral illustrations, maps, and novelty patterns.

These inspiring women make me feel like I can make my own illustration & pattern business successful. I've learned to diversify my income using different avenues like: Selling in a shop, licensing my designs, selling outright, commissions, and teaching.