New Classes being released starting January 2017

Excited to announce I'm stepping my tutorials up a notch (okay...many notches)!


Starting beginning of January, I'm going to be releasing (fingers crossed) one NEW class a month  around the topic of surface pattern design and illustration and how knowing your computer and programs is how you accelerate your business' efficiency.

I'll be talking about some of the things my tutorials teach you, but I'll be going into way more depth and covering all the bases of that topic, rather than a quick(ish) video. I've been messing around on iMovie & Premiere Pro (okay, let's be honest, mostly iMovie, 'cause I can't even with that other one), and I'm hoping to give you guys well cut and edited video with a bit of fun music, too.

What you'll be getting:

• 20-25 minute video on a specific topic.
• PDF worksheet with areas to fill in your own notes.
• If applicable, one real-live sample of the thing I'm helping you do.  For example: Custom-made Action, Brushes, or Templates.

The first class in January is going to be a reboot and complete redo about learning to automate your workflow using Actions and Droplets in Photoshop.  Very few people seem to take advantage of both of these things and it's my mission for everyone to be automating every fibbity flam thing they can. It's one of those things that makes you realize how incredibly sluggish everything moved before you discovered them.  You'll love this one.

Above all, I want the mini classes to be fun and engaging while being affordable.  I'm kind of tired of dry and informational stuff.  Yes, sometimes, you just want to see how to do something, but other times, you need to understand it.  Understanding is where I come in.  And I'm all about allegories, you guys.  And you're gonna get em.

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Using the Transform Each tool in Illustrator


You don't even know what life is before you know Transform Each.


transform each in adobe illustrator

This Adobe Illustrator tool is quite possibly the best thing I've used since I started using a garlic press. And I eat garlic A LOT.

Basically, Transform Each is an option to, get this, TRANSFORM EACH thing you have selected independently.  It enables you to increase or decrease the distance betwixt motifs without changing their size. WHAT?! Right? Mind blown.

Made a handy-dandy video so you can watch it in action.

Click the video below to watch.

Have a lovely, mind-blown day!



Using my Powers for Good (mini + full classes)

Find your Creativity + JUST START sketch Recently a client of mine said, "You know, you're a really great teacher. You don't just show me how, you let me discover on my own while coaching me."

After she said that, some pieces started coming together in my head. I enjoy helping people learn.

The things that I learned on my own aren't just for me; I have lots of little nuggets (and bigger ones too!) to share and I should be glad to share them.

Over the past few weeks, I've been debating what I should do with this information. At first, it was to get rid of my blog and post tutorials on a dedicated web page. ...But I do like sharing some tidbits that are too long for social media on the blog instead.

But then, there was this idea:

I want to revamp my current tutorials into videos with PDF worksheets + assignments and make them into mini-classes instead...AND I want to give these away for free only to subscribers of my design letters. They will only be available once, with a link within an email, so they won't be able to be accessed if you subscribe later. There will be quite valuable with a lot more information + content, so I will be offering them at a low price for non/late-subscribers as well.

I also want to develop full-sized classes for those who want to start from scratch and learn from a series of videos. These classes will use my own experience of surface design and illustration to coach you through creating designs that art directors go for. For these, there will be a discount exclusively for design letter subscribers, too.

My ideas will be fleshed out later, but I really want to encourage you to sign up because you'll be getting tons of free content besides the classes and they will aid you in your quest to become a better designer in the ways that count.

If anyone has any feedback, I'd love to hear in the comments below!

Any ideas for things you'd like to learn about the surface design world that you can't find and are curious about?