When a Day is Difficult

You know you had a bad day when you end up sobbing in a puddle of spilled wine.

Originally  this was titled "When Life is Hard."

...but that wasn't accurate at all...

Today was hard and yesterday was a little easier.  Last week was a bit straining, too, but I dealt with it and had a great weekend.

But today was especially difficult.  It wasn't from anything big that happened...just the small things that add up to the wine-soaked jeans.

I took today off for my grandpa's entombment ceremony (which was lovely and nice) and I got slightly teary when the navy-veteran gave my mom the American flag.

After that, it was just a ton of small things that added up to make a not-so-great day. Especially that wine thing:

My elbows are everywhere and I'm doing dishes.  Wine glass went crash.  Glass and wine was all over the counter, my shirt, jeans, feet, floor, cabinets.  And then I burst in to tears and sat in it, blindly trying to wipe it all down from everything.

To top it off, I've felt like I'm not getting enough time to work on my business and just the weekends doesn't cut it.  But I also need to remember to nourish my relationship with my boyfriend.  We used to build things together; go to Home Depot, get some wood and make something. We haven't done that since the beginning of this year since I started focusing on my business.  We also used to go for walks, and enjoy making dinners.

But now, I'm work-work-work, which isn't good for anybody.  It's okay if my business takes a little longer to start chuggin, as long as he's there, I'm good.  I'd rather have Brian than my business, hands down (even though I want both!).  So for now, I'll go slower and have back our sleepy-time tea nights and remember to play with kitty.


But now it's all good. And priorities are in order. Whew.