Trip to the Fullerton Arboretum

Got the chance this past weekend to visit the Fullerton Arboretum, here in Southern California.  I hadn't been for at least 10 years and was happy it hadn't changed much (besides larger trees!) Fullerton Arboretum


There were so many beautiful plants and little creatures!  The whole time there were hundreds of little butterflies -- green, yellow, and multi-colored ones -- flying around us! I got lucky with a few shots of one that had just landed, then I snapped a few of a squirrel that was scurrying up a tree!

Lots of new images for inspiration for my new designs!  So excited to create more based off of all the photos I took!

December Bloom

Here in SoCal, its been getting milder and it has rained a few times this winter so far (Yay!). Almost feeling like Christmas here, now!

Sunday afternoon, after my barre class, I noticed the backyard's ground was covered in pretty clovers, no doubt, fed by last week's "torrent" of rain.  I wanted to go out to investigate and get some inspiration so I donned my light jacket and flip-flops to brave the cold weather.


Was SO green and pretty.  We hardly get any awesome green things for very long here.  Whenever I go to the East Coast (which is ALL the time, wink wink), I'm always in awe of the colors and size of all the plants and trees.  We get succulents and desert-y plants over in Zone 9, here.  I will say we don't have to deal with deers, however.  I'm sure those are pesky.

Lemons in backyard

In winter, we also get a chance to see the neighbor's apples and lemons ripen.  The lemons are our favorite free addition to our place.  Haven't bought one from the store in a long time.  We always get to add some fun zest to our dishes!

Just some bright and juicy things to check out if you're having a white winter!