Getting Real: My Art Story

Since the end of the December, I've been hard-core into taking classes all about making art and how to sell it and what markets will work for me.  I won't link anything here, because that's not the focus of this post because this is *my* art story.

These classes will and ARE amazing for me and I'm INCREDIBLY excited to see what it brings to the table.  I feel I'm on the way to doing what's been in the back of my mind for a long time.

I suppose this is brought on by the thought that I'll be twenty-nine this summer and just got me thinking about how late I'm starting this and how late to the "game" I feel.

*back-in-time fade out here*

Enter: Nineteen year old Megan: Young student in college, eyes bright, studying photography.  My DREAM was to be a wedding photographer; in fact, I had at least 7 or 8 wedding clients under my belt between the ages of 16 and 19 (I know, right? Young!)  I thought it was awesome, doing that for myself, and loved setting up the shots and doing the editing afterward.  I loved it until...I didn't.

Until my young brain realized, "oh crap, I could actually screw this whole thing up if I miss/don't get a good picture of (insert shot here)!"  And that terrified me that I would be able to screw up so horribly the first go-around with no do-overs.

After that, I stopped doing professional photography (professional, meaning paid) and just shot for myself.  ...And when I say "stopped" I mean changed paths.  First, I went back to my old love, web development and design.  I had been designing websites for myself for fun since I had been fourteen years old and loved that, so I thought I'd get back into it while going to school.


I had a connection (read: "network") from a classmate who knew of a graphic design position that would forever change my artistic ventures.  It was actually the same person I shot weddings with occasionally that introduced me to the job: textile manufacturing.

I went in for an interview, and got the job. It was full time, mind you...and I was still in college at this time.  Regrettably, I quit going to school 2 years prior to graduating, but I was inadvertently setting the bright path for the future.

...And then I belonged the the beloved OC to LA morning commute.  YAY *insert roaring applause here*

Since then, I've moved on from that previous company, but now I work for a different fabric converter, who is AMAZING and I can't say enough great things about the people there, the things I've learned and the relationships that have been cultivated through working in the textile industry...but I'd still love to keep creating and make a small business for myself.

This is the purpose of these classes: to better my art and create the things I want to make. I've spent almost 9 years working on so many amazing artist's artwork,

I just needed to remind myself that I'm an artist too and I can't forget that.

Trip to the Fullerton Arboretum

Got the chance this past weekend to visit the Fullerton Arboretum, here in Southern California.  I hadn't been for at least 10 years and was happy it hadn't changed much (besides larger trees!) Fullerton Arboretum


There were so many beautiful plants and little creatures!  The whole time there were hundreds of little butterflies -- green, yellow, and multi-colored ones -- flying around us! I got lucky with a few shots of one that had just landed, then I snapped a few of a squirrel that was scurrying up a tree!

Lots of new images for inspiration for my new designs!  So excited to create more based off of all the photos I took!