Review of Make Art that Sells part A (MATS)

Just going to go ahead and say it: Lilla Rogers, with her Make Art that Sells classes, is a freakin genius.

There! I’ve said it. These past 5 weeks have been so freaking amazing for me. I’ve explored more about my own creativity than I have ever learned in college or any other time in my life and I am downright HAPPY about life. These classes have shown me community, structure, and enthusiasm about my craft.  This is my review of the course.

Pepper Pop Collection by Megan NIcole Designs

I don’t think there would be such MASSIVE opportunity to meet other people had it not been for these classes. It’s like this world comes alive with people you had no idea existed and everything is just…sparkly with goodness!

I’ve also made a few friends along the way and I hope to meet some of them in the future. I need these people in my life -- creatives who make beautiful things. I believe that a creative person always needs people in his/her life that complement his or her own life goals.

Lilla has structured these classes in a great way, too. First, there’s a mini assignment to get your creative juices a-flowin to prepare you for the main assignment two days later. The goal is to turn in a beautiful and fun piece at the end of the week. This is great for me, especially, because I’m really great at deadlines. Like seriously. It’s at 6pm, you say? Oh, I’ll be there at 5:30 with 7-layer dip!

It’s also been great learning how to show enthusiasm with my art. Before, this class I was very secretive and “in-the-shadows” about my stuff. It was embarrassing to say definitively, “I’m an artist” because I feel it’s a rather looked-down-upon vocation. Neither Scientist nor doctor am I, but I’ll make the most badass wall art for your office and you’ll love it gosh-darn-it!

This enthusiasm word has been a great discovery for me, partly due to Tara Swiger’s podcast Explore your Enthusiasm I talked about last week. I’m learning to not just be content or happy with something. I’m learning to be enthusiastic! Let yourself look forward to the future and be excited for it. Share you love with all the peeps!

I’d recommend Make Art that Sells for anyone with a passion for their art who actually wants to make money doing it. “Eesh, let’s not talk about money,” you say. Well…I won’t today, but know you CAN make money and a living off of doing what you love if you put your mind to it.

I’m looking forward to the future of my own business (I just got my business permit and seller’s license! YAY!) and I hope you’ll tag along and see where this craziness takes me!