New Instagram "Contest" #FaveColoringPage

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I have this grand idea in my head.  Over on my Instagram, I'm going to be posting sketch once a day for a month (Aug 1st-Sept 1st) with the hashtag #FaveColoringPage.  The one with the most likes at the end (I'll give you a few days to share with your friends!), will be made into a full-fledged printable coloring page just for you! All you have to do is join my Design Letters.

By joining me, you'll gradually learn tips about surface design, how to organize yourself to be a better designer, and some personal secrets along the way.  I'll also be creating FREE mini courses to help you along your journey.  But you can't get that anywhere else, so go sign up you guys!


WIP it Good - Crustaceans

Oh lawdy. Has been a month. And it's not even over yet.

I'm getting through my days  just looking forward to when I can see my Engineer, Ripley (zee kitteh!), and illustrate the crap out of something.  Sitting down, pencil/wacom pen in my hands... my happy face turns on and I'm content.

This month in MATS Bootcamp, our theme is Crustaceans.  There was an a little extra assignment in there to make them solid-ish, put them on a patterned background and to arrange them on a dining set.  I haven't gotten to that last bit, but I'll show you my WIPs (works in progress).

I start out in my sketchbook, making very basic lines, because I'm firstly a computer artist...and skipping secondly, thirdly, I'm a "draw-er".  I can make stuff look great in Illustrator and Photoshop, but it would take me a day and a year to make a decent crab without filling up my pages of my sketchbook.

Vectorizing Sketches

I ended up making a whole collection because I can't handle just having an illustration alone.  It needs friends! Perhaps I'm somewhat particular about that. I feel an illustration is made better by its companions (just like The Doctor!).

Here's the finished pattern samples.  I've made a few more colorways for most of these designs, as well; available to interested parties! Crabby and the Shells Collection by Megan Nicole

If you'd like to see the dining set with elements of this collection in it, sign up for my newsletter (in the sidebar), and you'll get to see the finished product after it's done!  Otherwise, you'll have to wait for the lookbook ;)