Trip to the Fullerton Arboretum

Got the chance this past weekend to visit the Fullerton Arboretum, here in Southern California.  I hadn't been for at least 10 years and was happy it hadn't changed much (besides larger trees!) Fullerton Arboretum


There were so many beautiful plants and little creatures!  The whole time there were hundreds of little butterflies -- green, yellow, and multi-colored ones -- flying around us! I got lucky with a few shots of one that had just landed, then I snapped a few of a squirrel that was scurrying up a tree!

Lots of new images for inspiration for my new designs!  So excited to create more based off of all the photos I took!

Cold Christmas In Vegas

Christmas this year was spent away from my own family. It is the first year I haven't seen them on the morning-of. My mom would always make a big, yummy breakfast; full of carbs and protein (which is always the best for a holiday meal!). THIS year, Brian and I left sunny SoCal and arrived in mid-40 degree weather Nevada -- a six hour drive from the OC. I was in heaven. Never experiencing anything colder than 45 degrees, other than early morning frost that quickly dissipates to midday, I loved having the colder climate for Christmastime. PERFECTLY matched the season without having to shovel snow or being too frigid. Vegas Cactus

Christmas tree

Love the sprawling city surrounded by mountains and pretty landscape.

While I missed my family, I was glad for Brian to get to see his own during the holidays.

Vegas Mountains

It was a great time; spent time dog-sitting a friend's pets while they were out. Two cute Mini Schnauzers loved playing and the treats they got.

Christmas Schnauzers awaiting treats

Later in the trip, Brian and I visited Red Rock hiking area near Las Vegas. Soooo beautiful. If I wasn't creating art, I would love to be a geologist. The layers and shape of the rocks tell such interesting stories. I'm glad we got a chance to take a short hike amongst the them.

Red Rock


I know it doesn't look it, but it was a dry 34 degrees out where we were here! Far more chilly than my SoCal blood is used to, wow!

Mountain Sunset behind Red Rock, Las Vegas

After our hike, we drove down the winding road and took a few last photographs at a look out point, overlooking Las Vegas. It's so far away, you can barely see the lights. An hour later, we were back at his parents and sipping some warm cider!

Hope your holidays were grand and full of love too!