Muzeo: Quilt Exhibition

I wouldn't consider myself a quilt-y person.

However, I do love to keep warm in the winter and have something pretty to look at in the meantime.  Also, it doesn't hurt that I make surface patterns that may potentially be incorporated into quilt.

All of that aside, my mom called me one day and asked if I wanted to go to a local quilt exhibition at Muzeo museum.  Thought it'd be fun to see what was out there and see how I can make patterns based on the quilts that were up.

Muzeo museum in Orange, CA

I didn't do any research on the exhibition before we got there...and to my surprise, they were vintage quilts!  This is much more up my alley...I just love the simple squares and triangles of yore. The modern-day quilting is kind of crazy and painterly -- which is all well and good and probably takes lots of skill (and machining), but I just love the days in which quilts were made mostly by-hand.

Excuse some of the crappy low-light, taken-with-my-phone pictures.

Muzeo Quilt

Muzeo Quilt in museum Muzeo Quilt in museum

Here's a few of the modern quilts they had at the end of the walk-through.

Modern Quilts Museo museum in Orange

Modern Quilts Museo museum in Orange

It was pretty fun, and plus we got to walk around the Promenade area and look at all the fun shops like Ink and Bean and The Cheese Shoppe!