Setting Up Your Workspace

Studio spaces are places we create and spend a lot of time in.  They should be clean and organized in a way that makes sense to you; whether that's chaotic or perfectly minimal.  I fall somewhere in between...

The most important part of working on art, to me, is having a beautiful area to make my art in.  It's important to me for it to be clean, tidied, organized, and, of course, beautiful!

studio view Bookcase with surface design books

On to the tour...

A small bookcase that lives behind me, that Brian's mom had as a child, holds my small library of design books, extra fabric and a scarce knick-knack here and there.  I know we all love to have knick-knacks, doo-dads, and whatcha-ma-callits, but in order for a workspace (or ANY space) to feel clutter-free, only use a few here and there.  Spread them out in different areas of your home so you can enjoy them everywhere.  Lets the eyes breathe!

Vintage china mugs

On my desk, I have a pretty plant that I picked up for pennies at Ikea, a jar of holding and several candles and the window sill.

Ikea Plant by window

Side wall of studio

The wall beside me has a fat quarter on top of cork board and a hanging file folder that definitely brightens the space!  Below my chair and desk and I a colorful chevron run made out of remnants of fabric too.  I love it! Note the cat bed, too!

That's me!  My little tiny nook of a studio!  My favorite thing about it is the window to the backyard where I often see cats strolling along the wall or squirrels bobbing their tails!

Colorful chevron rug

What does your work space look like? Do you prefer an organized chaos or are you even more minimal than I am? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear and see!