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Photoshop for Painters

Photoshop for Painters: a class teaching you to bring your painted art onto the digital canvas, scanning painted art, removing backgrounds on artwork in photoshop
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Being a traditional artist in a digital world is no longer as difficult as it needs to be...and we've heard your requests for help:

Curious how to best scan your paintings (even on a small scanner bed)?

Attempts at removing backgrounds looking off?

Not clear on resolution or color spaces?

How exactly do you change colors believably on painted art?

These situations happen to all of us when starting out digitally!  And we've heard you.

We created this class for those who paint traditionally and want to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop to clean and recolor their images to license and sell to the product market.

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Digitizing your art is a valuable skill

Having your art in the digital world will allow you to e-mail it to art directors, print your artwork (such as art prints, greeting cards, children books, or Spoonflower), and easily share it on social media, your own website or portfolio. If a client asks you for minor changes to your art, it's often faster to make changes to digitally. These skills will help you stay competitive the market as many companies may expect you to be able to send them work digitally.

In a nutshell, this class will teach you: to change colors (subtly from one shade of green to another, or drastically from blue to red). Efficiently remove the background of your paper. How to choose the right sizes for your art (resolution and dpi) and how to get good colors. If you’re like us, visual learning is the fastest way for you to learn a new software, so these are all video lessons.

This is a class for traditional artists (whether paints or cut-paper), that want to use Photoshop to pull out elements of your paintings, recolor them, learn how to use digital brushes to enhance your art, and more.

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You'll learn in-depth about:

  • What you need to pay attention to when scanning your art
  • How to easily scan artwork that is larger than your scanner
  • Easy to understand explanations of resolution and DPI
  • Removing  paper backgrounds from your art
  • Fixing imperfections + cleaning your artwork
  • Tips for rearranging elements in your artwork
  • Changing color using 5 different methods
  • Make edits to your art using digital brushes
  • Keeping your file size down + easily organized with Smart Objects
  • How to get your art ready to print or share on the web

You'll receive access to:

» Totaling over 3 hours long (yes!)
» In bite-size chunks that make learning easier

» Using masking, a unique way to safely remove backgrounds
» Video on Color Spaces
» Keyboard Shortcuts

» So you don't get lost - there's a lot of content!

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*The free bonuses are available pre-release, and also within the class itself.

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The artists behind this class, Megan Dunagan and Brooke Glaser, are both traditional and digital artists. Both have been using Photoshop for well over a decade. Both have worked in-house for companies using Photoshop to edit artwork, where they had the chance to learn from some truly great experts. They are both now full-time illustrators and surface pattern designers currently designing for markets like greeting cards, cloth diapers, editorial, home décor, and more. They met in online classes in 2015; they live in Melbourne, Florida and Portland, Oregon, respectively.

Megan Dunagan illustrator, designer

Megan worked for 10 years at some well-known textile companies, preparing art for use in bolt fabric. She teaches all kinds of lessons on design and techniques for automating your workflow in various Adobe software.

Brooke Glaser, illustrator and surface pattern designer
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Brooke worked for a fashion company preparing art for clothing and an ad agency preparing art for printed work. Although this is her first online class, she has been teaching in person for years at museums, schools, and art studios.

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Who is this class for?

This class is aimed at illustrators and surface pattern designers who want to license and sell their art to companies in markets like: greeting cards, bolt fabric, home decor, gift, party paper, stationery, editorial, and more.

I'm NOT a beginner, is this class for me?

This class is great for people who have used Photoshop before, but are either A) uncertain which tools are the best for editing artwork or B) unsure of the best way to use those tools. Even we learned from each other while making this class, even in tools as simple as Hue and Saturation!

We’ve spent a lot of time learning things from Youtube and the official Adobe website, but some of our best time and effort saving tricks we've learned from working in-house from other experienced professional artists. Of course, it's a great big world digital world out there and you may be able to find this information piece by piece, but we wanted to compile the most relevant lessons on taking your art into the program and out into the world as fast and easy as possible.

I AM a beginner, do I have to be skilled in Photoshop to take this class?

To take this class, you should already know how to use a computer and you should know how to find and open files on your computer. That said, we will walk you through everything from scanning to printing (and most everything in between).

What version of Photoshop do I need?

Most of these tools and techniques we discuss are available in older Photoshop versions, however we've taught this class using Photoshop CC 2017. While some tools might not have as many bells and whistles as the newest version of Photoshop, you should be able to do most things.  Also, the lessons on DPI, resolution, and color space will hold true no matter what software you are using.

Photoshop for Painters: a class teaching you to bring your painted art onto the digital canvas
Photoshop for Painters: a class teaching you to bring your painted art onto the digital canvas

What does my internet connection need to be to stream class content?

» 4-5 Mb/s for viewing in high-def (HD) video. Classes were created for HD.
» Test your connection here. You'll need to look at the "download" number.

What if I still have questions after the class?

Our goal is to for you to leave this class with the ability to bring your handmade art into Photoshop and have it ready to print, even if you are completely intimidated by Photoshop or the digital world. If, after completing the class, you have questions about the topics covered in the lessons, please share them with us.

If you have questions that are not covered in the class (or if you want us to teach a class on a whole other topic), let us know.

Do you offer other classes?

I have FREE tutorials here.

Can I review the class?

Yes!  We'd love to hear what you thought! Feel free to leave your review.

I purchased the class, but didn't get a download link.

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