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We created these classes for artists who paint traditionally and want to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop to edit and print their artwork.

This free, no cost mini-course will cover:

  • How color space will help you better control colors in your artwork
  • One method to safely remove backgrounds or other elements in your artwork, without fear of accidentally erasing anything
  • Shortcuts for moving your art around Photoshop to help you get in and out quickly.

Plus you'll get a cheatsheet PDF of those shortcuts for easy reference.

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About the Teachers

The artists behind this class, Megan Dunagan and Brooke Glaser, are both traditional and digital artists. Both have been using Photoshop for well over a decade. Both have worked in-house for companies using Photoshop to edit artwork, where they had the chance to learn from some truly great experts. They are both now full-time illustrators and surface pattern designers currently designing for markets like greeting cards, cloth diapers, editorial, home décor, and more.


Megan worked for 10 years at some well-known textile companies, preparing art for use in bolt fabric. She teaches all kinds of lessons on design and techniques for automating your workflow in various Adobe software. Megan lives in Melbourne, Florida.


Brooke worked for a fashion company preparing art for clothing and an ad agency preparing art for printed work. Although this is her first online class, she has been teaching in person for years at museums, schools, and art studios. Brooke lives in Portland, Oregon.

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This free mini-course is sample lessons from our step-by-step Masterclass called Photoshop for Painters.

Photoshop for Painters takes you from scanning to printing your artwork and several methods to recolor, remove backgrounds, and prepare your files for printing.