Photoshop for Painters Mini Classes: Quick Mask


Photoshop for painters

Sample mini classes from the course!

Thank you for joining us! As a little teaser for Brooke's and my course, we're sharing some content from our upcoming class.

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Color Space

Do you want to print your artwork in a children’s book? Or perhaps you want to make your own greeting cards? 

Understanding color space will help you better control the colors you get when you are ready to print your artwork. It will also help you keep the colors you like when you are sharing your images on the internet. 

Taught by Brooke Glaser

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Quick Mask

As implied by the name, masks can hide parts of an image you don't want shown.  Want to get rid of some leaves, or switch out your characters' hat? You an mask things invisible, or add another new element in its place!

If you take advantage of Quick Mask (just press Q!), you'll see how quickly removing parts of an image can go!

Taught by Megan Dunagan

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Photoshop for Painters: bring your painted art onto the digital canvas, a masterclass

Details on Photoshop for Painters

The above mini-course was created as part of a larger comprehensive course, called Photoshop for Painters which is now available now.

The course covers, in much greater detail, how to  bring your art into the computer, edit it, and share it with the world.