Photoshop for Painters


Photoshop for Painters

Bring your painted art onto the computer


Curious how to best scan your paintings (even on a small scanner bed)? Attempts at removing backgrounds looking off? Not clear on resolution or color spaces? How exactly do you change colors believably on painted art?

This class is for artists who paint (and other traditional mediums) and want to learn how to use Photoshop to get their art ready for printing and sending to clients. 

What does photoshop for Painters Cover?

20 Video Lessons on:

  • What you need to pay attention to when scanning your art

  • Preventing fuzzy, pixelated art

  • Easy to understand explanations of resolution and DPI

  • Removing paper backgrounds from your art

  • Fixing imperfections + cleaning your artwork

  • Keeping your files organized for client presentation

  • 5 methods to change colors in a realistic and controlled way

  • Making edits to your art using digital brushes

  • Keeping file size down + one tool for keeping them easily organized

  • How to get your art ready to print or share on the web

Lessons are broken into bite size chunks per topic.

You can refer back to them as you need, there’s no time limit on class access.

You'll also get access to a private Facebook group for help and community.

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Why Photoshop for Painters?

Photoshop is a massive program, with an overwhelming amount of tools available. But you don’t need to know everything: this class is about showing you which tools you need as a painter and how to use them. Our goal is to get you in and out of Photoshop and back to your paints.

You’ll leave this class feeling confident to edit your art quickly and with ease. You’ll be the smart illustrator, who can tweak those little details quickly for your clients.

Smudge your painting after you'd finished? Be stress-free, because you’ll know how to edit it out.

Prerequisites for Photoshop for Painters

Processing of graphics: Beginner to intermediate. Ability to open and save files in Adobe Photoshop and understanding of basic shortcuts.

Painting/Drawing: Paintings of motifs ready to go.

Note: this class doesn't teach you how to create patterns. Only how to get your art ready for further processing.

Materials Needed for Photoshop for Painters

Hardware: Scanner or a phone to photograph your art, drawing tablet like a Wacom with a pen (recommended, but not required), and a working computer.  We explain using a Mac.

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5 or up.

Internet: 4-5 Mb/s download speed in order to get best video experience. Test your speed here.

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The information in the class was easy to follow and very well structured.
— loved anonymous student
I really valued learning a wide range of different techniques to remove backgrounds and alter colours. Both Brooke and Megan deliver information in a friendly and easy manner. And because they are both experienced artists they “get” the challenges we face when moving between analog and digital.
— Kevin Brackley

The Teachers

The artists behind this class, Megan Dunagan and Brooke Glaser, are both traditional and digital artists who met in online class in 2015. Both have been using Photoshop for well over a decade and have also worked in-house for companies using Photoshop to edit artwork. They are both now full-time illustrators and surface pattern designers currently designing for markets like greeting cards, cloth diapers, editorial, home décor, and more.

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Megan worked at some well-known textile companies, preparing art for use in bolt fabric. She teaches all kinds of lessons on design and techniques for automating your workflow in various Adobe software. She lives in Melbourne, FL.

Brooke Glaser, illustrator and surface pattern designer

Brooke worked for a fashion company preparing art for clothing and an ad agency preparing art for printed work. Although this is her first online class, she has been teaching in person for years at museums, schools, and art studios. She lives in Portland, OR.

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This class is for artists who paint and want to learn to use Photoshop
to get their art ready for printing and sending to clients.


Photoshop for Painters


No time-limit on class access
20 bite-size video classes
Keyboard shortcuts bonus material
Private Facebook group
Instant access to class materials

Get a sneak peek

Watch 3 full-length videos from the class here.
You'll learn about: Color Space, Quick Masking, and Keyboard Shortcuts

Questions? Feel free to contact either (or both of us):


Megan Dunagan


Brooke Glaser