Become a Keyboard Shortcut Wizard

Learn Photoshop & Illustrator Shortcuts

"ARG! WHERE is that menu option?!"
"I JUST saw it!"
"Is it under Edit? File? Object?!"
*collapses on floor with wacom pen in hand*

If you're totally nodding you head, you know the struggle is real in finding that thing you use JUST frequently enough is hiding in the maze that is Illustrator and Photoshop menus and toolbars. 

This is pretty much the conversation I have with myself when I realize I should REALLY attach that command to a key on my keyboard. any case:

Using keyboard shortcuts that you remember is the secret to fast and efficient design.

Once you accept that your mouse is just a slow menu-crawler and move forward with your own shortcuts, you'll be having people to say to you,

"What?! How'd you do that so fast?!"

-quoted from a million* people who've watched me work.
*not that many.

So here's to forgetting where than menu stuff *really* is (seriously, where's Crop again?), and bring on you A-game magic with shortcuts.


Using Photoshop to Create Multiple Options with Layer Comps & History Snapshots

Photoshop Layer Comps, Photoshop History Snapshots, Photoshop tutorials, Megan Dunagan Tutorials, Megan Dunagan Photoshop

I think by now you know I'm ALL ABOUT the obscure tutorials.  You can find information for the common stuff anywhere, but I find it super rewarding to teach actual (more or less) "secrets" about Photoshop that are über time-saving and/or a fun thing to know.

In this one you'll learn to save multiple options for a design...without duplicating your design in another group or an additional document.  I'll show you two ways to do this using Layer Comps and History Snapshots.

This will be great for doing client work if you need to show many options or if you aren't sure if this motif looks good "here or here". 

Watch below in 1080p (and m-m-maximize that screen!):

Should also mention that one 'negative' about History Snapshots is that they are only active as long as you don't close the document. Once the document is closed, the history is cleared.  If you use Layer Comps, the options stay with the document even after closing.



Define and separate colors in Photoshop using the Indexed Color Mode

Change colors in photoshop using indexed mode

Dun dun dun! Let us proclaim from the hilltops and squeeze your nearest furry friend with joy!

Today you'll learn how to define and separate colors in Photoshop using the Indexed Color Mode in Photoshop.  I come from a background (about 10 years) in the in-house textile design industry and in this video you'll learn how to index your work in addition to extra tips.  Enjoy!